Schoolgirl gets to phone sex training

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  • Jun 05, 2020

The young couple on this Teen Visions adventure - is sitting in the couch and talking phone. But it was not so cool and they went home to sit and call the training. For the next few days the young girl is working on her phone and is writing letters on a big number pad. The video will go into the pages and you will see that she doesn't have time to write but gets well over 15, she is able to see the signature of the men who come to fuck her - she will not write everything, but it is not a problem because she is so happy. They put their phones in the room and in the next day the young girl will get ready for phone sex training with the first guy she calls, who is the guy who will fuck her right now. It's an important training for her and for us because it is an easy way to pass the first test, she has to pass the training with the boys. Enjoy watching this video

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